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Does Your Agent Qualify

Does Your Agent Qualify

How do vendors know whether their agent is showing their property to the right people? “Some vendors complain that there are not enough inspections – others think the property has been shown to unsuitable people,” For example, Mr & Mrs Vendor with steep stair access to their home might question their agent’s wisdom in bringing the elderly man with the walking stick or the young couple with the toddler in the stroller.”

Professional agents will always qualify purchasers before taking them out to look at properties on their books. But that doesn’t mean eliminating potential buyers from a property’s must to inspect list based on the agent’s own value judgements of who will suit what. Many sales are made to so-called unlikely candidates.

Most purchasers have wish lists bigger than their pockets and after much soul searching end up sacrificing certain things in order to get others. The couple who said they wouldn’t renovate ended up buying a house needing a new kitchen because it was near the golf course. The couple with the stroller fell in love with the panoramic view and reasoned that their agile toddler would be climbing the stairs for themselves.

We recommend choosing an agent who can demonstrate that they have a contact list of genuine qualified purchasers. Ask them “how many genuine purchasers do you have currently listed on your books that you can bring through my property right now?” No agent worth their salt, will be relying on their first ad to attract purchasers.

Vendors also need to be confident that their agent has the expertise to qualify purchasers when they receive an offer. Some agents accept offers from people who are not in a financial position to proceed! Misjudging the capability of a purchaser could cost the vendor valuable time and money. If a property is taken off the market as sold only to be back on the market because the purchaser can’t get finance, the optimum marketing period is often missed and the ultimate selling price lowered. Stop/Start marketing at best creates unnecessary vendor stress and at worst may represent costly delay or missed opportunities.

We at Harcourts Mornington are confident in saying we will do our absolute best to meet your needs and find the right buyer for your property!