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Effective Real Estate Time Management

Effective Time Management

If you've ever bought, sold or rented a property you'll know that the process can consume your life. But there are ways you can streamline the process. Here are our quick fixed for effective real estate time management.

1. Know You Budget
If you're selling, you your maths and make sure you know how much you want - or need - to sell for. Is this achievable in the current market? If you're buying or renting do the same thing & make sure you've discussed it with your banker or accountant.

2. On your marks, Get Set...

Buying, selling and renting will involve a move (unless its an investment property), so prepare gradually and methodically rather than last minute!

3. Organise your Inspections
Schedule inspections in your calendar, and check the photos of the property online to ensure you are interested in the property! Call your agent & confirm you are coming.

4. Prepare a checklist of priorities

If you’re looking to buy or rent, ask yourself “what am I looking for?” By nailing a checklist you can save time sorting through hundreds of listings

5. Use online tools
Signing up for alerts allow you to receive information on any new sale or rental listing that match your already made checklist

6. Outsource it
If you’re searching, befriend your local agents and enlist their help by being straight with them about your criteria. This can open doors to properties that are not yet on the market.