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How Is An Agent Like A Nanny

How Is An Agent Like A Nanny?

Wouldn’t you like to know that your selling agent is likely to be conscientious, efficient, professional, enthusiastic, tireless and committed? 

After all, vendors are in fact employers, and they employ an agent to look after the most significant financial transaction they are ever likely to undertake. Yet many vendors have nothing more to go on than an agent’s self-promoting hype and promises. 

Most employers insist on both verbal and written references when taking on someone new. Probably the most significant employment situation any family can find themselves in is the employment of the nanny.  After all, you’re handing over the greatest emotional responsibility you are ever likely to undertake.

Nannies are among the most heavily referenced employees in the job market. Disgruntled vendors report simple everyday problems like lack of courtesy in phoning to arrange appointments, lack of punctuality, as well as more serious problems like lack of information and feedback on the progress of their sale. 

Problems like these could be minimized by asking for verbal and written references. The more professional agents provide written testimonials from clients for whom they have recently acted, as well as phone numbers of people whom prospective vendors can contact for a first hand report. 

Professional and successful agents are used to hearing the complaints of vendors disappointed with the service provided by their previous agent. People say, oh, we only had one ad, and two inspections during the entire four months and almost no feedback at all. 

Intending vendors can avoid joining the list of the unsatisfied by thinking of themselves as employers and doing the appropriate reference checks before making the decision about which agent to employ. Increase your likelihood of enjoying a successful and low stress real estate transaction by listing with the agent who has the references.