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Important Tips for Living with Others

Important Tips for Living with Others

Important Tips for Living with Others

Living with family or friends can be a daunting prospect as everyone has different tastes in décor. The need to compromise is strong here as you all need to live comfortably in the one place. Shared spaces mean that people are involved and interacting but not everyone will be happy.


Living Together

The shared spaces need to be focused for both children and adults and make room for everyone to interact. There can really be no ‘adult only’ spaces in the common areas. If you combine areas for every member of the household, you will create a harmonious place to live with the children having a boost to self-esteem by being around the adults.

- Have kids size chairs at the coffee table 

        -Use colourful fun prints
-Add large cushions to laze on

 Bunking Down and Sharing a Bedroom

You might be in the situation where an adult is bunking down with a child but you don’t have to give up your style or décor. Use co-ordinated bed linen and cushions as well as colourful curtains to make the room feel kid friendly and adult at the same time. Make your personal area about you with some precious photos and other items.

Unite the Work Spaces

We all need a space to work in for homework or work at home so make one space that it suitable for everyone. Have adult desks and kid sized tables and chairs away from distractions and help the kids with homework by keeping them focused. Keep the colours and style of furniture the same to create a coordinated area. The kids will love being near you and will learn the importance of being focused on one thing at a time. With clutter and distractions kept to a minimum you can both work happily alongside each other.

Meet In the Middle

Living with housemates or friends can cause lots of hassles as everyone has their own idea of what the house should be like. To help you get it right and to compromise easier follow these tips:

- Compromise in shared spaces
-Have individual décor in bedrooms
Include some items of your partner in common spaces, even if they are not your taste
Stay open minded to some changes
Sharing a house means sharing your space and your taste

Compromising Can Be Hard

If your partner or housemates can’t come to a compromise on décor, set up a fund where you all add some cash and then all go shopping together to buy items for the shared spaces. Choose cushions, crockery and cutlery that you all like and allow each person to add something of themselves to each common area.