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What Do The Locals Say

What Do The Locals Say?

Many vendors say they find it hard to decide which agent to use to sell their home. Choosing an agent is not very different from choosing a doctor or any other service provider.

If you were new to the area and were looking for an accountant or a plumber, you would ask local residents to make recommendations based on their experience. The best source of second hand information about local agents is someone who had recently bought or sold a house in the suburb!

If you don’t know anyone who has recently bought or sold, long term locals such as a newsagent, dry cleaners, conveyancers and so on are always a ready source of information about who has the communities’ confidence. The obvious question on everyone’s prospective vendor’s lips is whether the agent in question sold the house for the best price in a reasonable time.

But research shows that an issue seldom raised at the start of marketing becomes the main cause for concern when things go wrong: lack of feedback.

One of the key questions vendors should ask their sources whether their agent stayed in constant communication and provided regular feedback at every stage of the marketing process. Knowing what is going on every step of the way reduces vendor stress and contributes to the successful sale of the property. It can help the property sell faster for a higher price. If your checks reveal that an agent has a first class reputation in terms of service, feedback and results there is no need to look any further…

Above all, vendors should take their time when selecting an agent and not let themselves be put on the spot by pressure selling techniques designed to get them to sign now, said. After all, for 97% of Mornington Peninsula’s home owners the family home represents their single greatest asset and as such their most significant financial transaction.

Everyone has heard the three most important criteria for choosing a house to buy, “Location! Location! And Location!” Choosing an agent can be summed up in a similar way – “Reputation! Reputation! And Reputation!”