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Making decisions with Harcourts Mornington

Our Reputation

Our reputation for honesty and integrity, coupled with great results and quality service has meant we have been the number one choice in Mornington and the surrounding area. With the strength of Harcourts and its cutting edge technology, superior systems, plus a national and global network that actually works together, we are confident in our ability to deliver superior results to our clients and the community.

What We Do...

At Harcourts Mornington we offer a full range of Real Estate services. When selling with Harcourts Mornington you can be certain you are dealing with professionals who have superior local knowledge and the ability to reach the widest market place available to you the seller, a sold work-ethic and well-developed negotiation skills that ensure you receive a highly skilled service. That being said, our absolute focus is always to create a relationship of trust and respect with all of our clients. We've found that this philosophy is great for achieving personal satisfaction, high morale and continued success.

Our Local Expertise

Our success and market leadership is testament to our detailed knowledge of the local property market.  This intimate knowledge is used to provide quality advice and insight to our clients.

It's All About People...

Successfully buying and selling real estate is mostly about fulfilling people's needs and aspirations. That's why the team at Harcourts Mornington not only receive in-depth professional training (the benchmark for the industry) but are also committed to building meaningful and genuine personal relationships with their clients.

This is true of every individual you will encounter in our office. Every team member has a commitment to customer satisfaction and a passion for real estate. And the huge volume of referrals and repeat business generated is proof that this works to everyone's satisfaction.

An Unbeatable Team

When you invite Harcourts to sell your home, you are engaging one of our areas most dedicated and well-resourced sales teams.  Our strong team of industry-recognised leaders are intimately involved with the sales process - understanding your needs and focused on showcasing the key features that set your property apart.  And let's not forget Harcourts vast "behind the scenes" team in administration and marketing.  This level of resourcing for every property sale leads to significantly better results.  

Our Commitment

We are absolutely committed to quality and first class service. We are motivated more than ever to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to selling your home. We know that real estate clients want to deal with consultants that have knowledge, expertise, honesty and integrity, and are committed to achieving the best possible result for them. Above all they want to deal with real people - that's why we put absolute focus on creating a relationship of trust and respect with all our clients. We've found that this philosophy is great for achieving personal satisfaction, high morale and continued success.
Attracting The Right Buyers

Identifying and engaging relevant buyers for your property is one of our core strengths.  With one of the largest and most detailed databases, we are able to identify buyers whose criteria match your property even before the "official" marketing campaign begins.
This approach is complemented by our ability to locate buyers through our multiple-office network.

Choosing your preferred Method of Sale

Choosing the right Method of Sale in today’s market can be a challenging and confusing time. Let us give you the benefits and the limitations of the different types of way to market your property to the general public. This may help you make a better informed and trusted decision when moving forward:

Selling at Auction


1)      Creating a sense of Urgency; Auctions generate a sense of urgency amongst buyers.  This sense of urgency is due to there being a set ‘end date’ for the sale of the property and this compels potential buyers to make a decision on the day. Creating that sense of urgency can reduce your time on market.

2)      Creating Competition between Buyers; Competitive bidding between potential buyers at Auction means that the selling price will often exceed the expected value of the property, thus maximising the final sale price for the seller; alternatively the property can sell before Auction to a buyer that gets that emotional connection with the property. This can often drive a vendor’s sale price higher than market value.

3)      Reserve Price Protection; This means your property cannot not sell unless bidding reaches a pre-agreed level.  Further, there is no ceiling price and the public is not made aware of your actual price until it has been reached. At this stage the Auctioneer will state throughout the bidding that we are now on market, so you have the opportunity to achieve a price well above your expectations especially if there is a competitive crowd.

4)      Unconditional Contract; This means that the Contract terms are unconditional and does not allow the Purchaser to try and arrange Finance (which can often fall through) or Building Inspections or have a 3 day cooling off period. Any buyer that wishes to have a building or pest inspection done must do so at their own expense prior to Auction day. Settlement terms are also determined by the Vendor.

1)       Cost; There may be additional costs involved to sell a property via auction to cover the cost of hiring a specialist auctioneer.  However, at Harcourts Mornington we offer an in house expert as part of our service to our Vendors at no extra expense.

2)      Sales Evidence; For properties where there is ample accurate sales evidence, an auction may not be the best way of selling.  For example, for a large block of identical units which are all of a similar specification, everyone would be aware of the sale price of other units, thus private sale could result in a higher sale price per property.

3)      Special Conditions of Sale; Generally, auctions are not suited to buyers who wish to purchase subject to finance as often bids are unconditional.  This limits the potential number of buyers that your property could appeal to.
Tips for a successful auction

•    Setting a reserve price; Settle on a final reserve (i.e. the lowest price you are willing to accept) in the days leading up to the auction.  It is important that the reserve is well planned, so that you don’t end up negotiating this half-way through the auction when time, pressure and emotions are high.  It is also important that you do not disclose or discuss your reserve price with anyone except your agent/auctioneer.

•    Contracts; It is important to seek Conveyancing advice to make sure you have the contract and vendor statement available well before the auction date.  This way you will have everything prepared in advance, and not have to stress over these details in the days leading up to the auction. (we can always refer a Conveyancer on to you to make this process as less stressful as possible) 

Private Sale / Treaty

1)      Less intimidating for buyers; The process of a private sale / treaty can often be less intimidating for buyers and sellers alike as it gives the potential sellers more time to consider any offers that have been brought to them. (Tip: Make sure your offers are seen and negotiated with in writing. This is for your own protection)

2)      Contract Terms; Private sales / treaties are suited to sellers that do not have an urgency to sell, and where they may be open to accepting different sale terms, such as an extended settlement period, subject to building and pest inspection or subject to finance approval.

3)      Cost; Selling via private sale / treaty is often less costly than selling by Auction. It will all depend to how effective you want your marketing campaign to be. Sometimes the cheaper it looks the cheaper your house will sell for. Think of is as an “investment” rather than a “cost”. You need to invest as much as you can into maximising your sale price.

4)      Privacy; As a private sale / treaty occurs through a negotiation process, it provides greater privacy and enables you to keep the specific details of the sale out of the public eye.

1)      Cooling off period; Private sales / treaties are usually subject to a cooling off period (3 days in Victoria), as a result the buyer could change their mind after contracts have been signed.

2)      Sale length; Selling via a private sale / treaty method often can take more time than an auction.  This is because there is no specific end date to give prospective buyers a sense of urgency.  No deadline may also mean that potential purchasers may not be motivated to act as quickly. Often a buyer will think there is something wrong with the property if it has been advertised for longer than 4 weeks (please see chart below).

3)      Maximising the sales price; A key limitation of private sales / treaties is that the price is negotiated down compared with auctions where the bids increase.  This means that the property is less likely to sell for more than the asking price. (Tip: Your first offer is generally your best offer so work with your Harcourts Agent not against them to negotiate your sale price higher)
Tips for a successful private sale / treaty

•    Presentation is key; We cannot express this enough – Presentation Sells!! Please ensure to de clutter everything and present your home the way you would like to walk into somebody else’s. 

•    Pricing your property; Ensure that you price your property in an effective way in the marketplace. Remember, the more buyers that come to see your property, the more competition is created, thus allowing your Harcourts Agent to negotiate a maximum sale price for you.

Sourced: https://advice.realestateview.com.au/selling/to-sell-at-auction-or-private-sale/

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