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Fusion Mornington Peninsula

Who Is Fusion Mornington Peninsula?


Fusion is a Christian youth and community organisation which emerged as a creative response to socially-at-risk young people in Australia in 1960. In working with the disadvantaged, we have observed growth in resilience among those who find purpose in the context of community. That resilience equips individuals and families to deal with life’s difficulties and produces capacity to care for others.


The extraordinary work of Fusion Mornington Peninsula has flourished for nearly 35 years because of the dedication and commitment of local people. Participating in our fundraising events not only helps to raise awareness of the issues facing young people today, but also provides a platform where you and your networks can invest in the belief that, “when we care and come together, hope is possible for everyone.”


Fusion operates on the philosophy that all people have a fundamental need for Community and purpose. To this end Fusion’s program seeks to connect residents to networks in the community, and engage them with their own internal narrative and a wider sense of belonging and achievement.


Fusion hosts a weekly community dinner that gives young people the opportunity to invite friends or family over for a fun meal. This also allows supportive community members to attend and build healthy networks around the clients and team. Other than the case support program which is partially funded, all services offered by Fusion are operated without the aid of government funding. This is achieved through our dedicated volunteers and the support of our local community, which is integral to the services we offer and the care we provide. Fusion would not exist without the generous contributions from our community.


Help us strengthen the lives of vulnerable young people on the Mornington Peninsula by donating to Fusion  Here